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  • Q-STATION ELITE is a device able to process and analyse the in vitro diagnostics medical devices using immunoblotting technique
  • Specification
    • Multiple devices can be used simultaneously on a single PC
    • 40 to 48 test diagnostics available at the same time
    • Invitro diagnostic system for automatic sample dispensing, reagent response, drying and quantitative analysis
    •  The Q-STATION ELITE consists of an inspection unit with a motor and a pump, and an optical unit with an LED lamp and a camera
    • When the analytical sample is mounted on the sample rack holder, the barcode reader checks the position of the sample and automatically executes the dispensing, reaction, and drying process of the reagent through the probe unit, pump unit, dilution unit, and shaking plate
    • The device is driven by an APEX program installed on the connected PC, and the user completes the required setup and clicks the Start button to operate
    • The results of the response are automatically measured using the optical unit and analyzed automatically using the Instrument Operation Program (APEX) to output the results
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    • Product name: Q-STATION ELITE