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ProteomTech Inc. provides basic analysis to characteristic analysis services and is committed to satisfying customer needs.
We will do our best to produce the satisfying results through close consultation with customers.





Frequently asked questions

How is the request for an estimate made? After consulting about the purpose of the experiment, analysis method, and sample condition that the client wants, we will send you an estimate by e-mail.

How should I send the sample?

Samples such as cells, tissues, blood, protein solutions, sediments, and freeze-dried products are recommended for stability, but you can deliver them according to your usual temperature and environment.
If you electrophoresis the protein with SDS-PAGE, cut the target band, put it in a 1.5mL microtubule, fill it with distilled water and send it to the refrigerated state.
You will send it to [07528 Yangcheon-ro 401, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Gangseo-gu, A-dong 1113, ProteomTech Inc. Analysis Team]
Please contact us at 02-323-8342 before sending the sample.
Samples must arrive before 18:00.

How do I fill out the analysis request form?

The parts you must fill out are your name, affiliation, contact number, email address, information about the samples (species, number of samples), and the status of the samples, and the purpose of the analysis can be written in the notes column below.

What should I do when I make an analysis request?

You can contact our Proteomtech analysis team by phone (02-323-8342) or email ( and complete the analysis request form at the top right of our homepage.

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