Analysis Service

ProteomTech Inc. provides basic analysis to characteristic analysis services and is committed to satisfying customer needs.
We will do our best to produce the satisfying results through close consultation with customers.

Characterization analysis

1. Peptide mapping & Full sequencing
  • By comparing and analyzing the sequence information of the entire amino acid sequence or theoretical protein with the sequence information of the target protein through LC-MS/MS analysis of the entire amino acid sequence of the target protein, the difference in the final overall sequence is identified

  • Analysis using peptides produced by cutting various proteins with proteases

2. N-term sequencing
  • N-terminal sequence analysis using Edman degradation analysis for N-terminal sequence of proteins (Uknown sequence confirmation)

3. C-term sequencing
  • Sequence Analysis of Protein in C-terminal Sequence

4. N-glycan de glycosylation
  • Separation and comparative analysis of glycoprotein and glycan are performed to determine whether there is N-glycosylation

5. Intact Mass
  • Determining the molecular weight of proteins using SDS-PAGE. If the molecular weight difference is not large, use Q-TOF to check protein or specific molecular weight in da units