ProteomeTech Inc.

Make ourselves, our company, and society happy!
Innovative Technology and Novel Bio Product

Recruitment information

ProteomTech Inc. pursues the world's leading company specializing in in vitro diagnostic medical devices, which is recognized as a technology.

ProteomeTech Inc. is developing medical device products for in vitro diagnostics that have unique advantages in solving customers' Unmet Needs under the management philosophy of "making me, company, and society happy."
We are looking for passionate and talented people with a goal to grow into World Best Product.

Company Organization Chart


  • The harmony and the pleasant atmosphere of the members

    • Cultivating a sound and developmental mind
    • Developing skills and contributing to society
  • The Trust that my own development is the success of the company

    • Company's consideration for my future
    • Active and sound expression of opinion
    • Delivering products that are loved by customers
    • Shared performance attitude
  • An honest and upright posture

    • knowing the principles, keeping them properly, keeping the content rather than the formality, and being diligent
    • Irrational and inefficient work is a place to realize the dreams of young people who have the will to improve

Welfare benefits

  • Work and compensation
    • A performance bonuses
    • Stock Options
    • Family Day
  • Education and welfare
    • Medical examination support
    • Purchase desired books
    • Club support
    • Educational programs
  • Event
    • bereavement leave
    • expenditure for congratulations and condolences

Contact: Management support team,
TEL: +82-2-6968-5337,