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ProteomeTech collects and protects only the minimum amount of personal information, and does not use the collected personal information for any other purpose than the following. Purpose of collection and use of personal information Provide identification, marketing and newsletters for accessing ProteomeTech products and services, user identification, prevention of bad and fraudulent use, and improved service support Personal information collection items and retention period - Items of personal information to be collected: company name, person in charge name, contact person in charge, email in charge - Period of retention and use of personal information: 1 year Provide and share personal information ProteomeTech does not provide or entrust handling of personal information to third parties.
You may refuse to collect and use the above personal information, but if you refuse to consent, you will not be able to receive counseling. Your consultation details are kept for smooth consultation and are processed according to the privacy policy posted on the website.

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