ProteomTech Inc. intends to contribute to human welfare
and health through the new paradigm of technology.


Proteometech in Ausbiotech 2016


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Proteometech attends in International BioFest 2016 in Melbourne, Vic. Australia.

International BioFest 2016 will be the largest-ever gathering in Australian life sciences,
with three major conferences coming together in one week in one place as one integrated network.

International BioFest 2016 is expected to attract over 2,500 delegates
to attend the academic, industry and investor events in Melbourne from 24 ? 27 October 2016.
The event will be a celebration of Australian and international life sciences and highlight Melbourne as one of the world’s great biotech hubs.

Proteometech in KHIDI(Korean Health Industry Development Institute) Booth No. #14 & 15

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