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[ProteomeTech] 2020 MEDLAB


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post-translational modification analysis,? ProteomTech attended the MEDLAB Medical Devices Fair held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, from February 3 to 6, 2020. MELAB in the Middle East's largest medical device exhibition, specializing in trade in medical devices that covers markets in Africa, Russia, and India as well as the Middle East. ProteomeTech promoted Allergy diagnostic kit "PROTIA Allergy-Q" which can detect up to 107 allergens within one test. There are several other innovative IVD products, "PROTIA Food IgG" detecting the cause of Food Intolerance, which is known as chronic allergy. "ImmuneCheck" measuring IgG or IgE concentration in the blood within 20 minutes, which can screen their health condition or allergic symptoms with the simple method. The product animal is now available in ProteomeTech. "ANITIA Canine IgE" dog allergy diagnostic kit, which can detect 60 allergens within 50 uL of serum. AniCheck Bovine IgG colostrum measures IgG concentration in colostrum. ProteomTech will continue to release new products that meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets based on patented technology.

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