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[PROTEOMETECH] TriCheck ! First Shipment !


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TriCheck! First Shipment! It’s honor to first shipment of Tricheck to KanZen at 29th Sep, 2017 KanZen is the company of exclusive distributor of TriCheck for domestic and oversea. TriCheck is the next generation pregnancy Test Kit free of hook effect. Advantage of TriCheck is as below.

  1. Reliable pregnancy test that overcomes the false negative misinterpretation due to high concentration of hCG & hCGβcf.
  2. Pregnancy test with enhanced precision with an additional test line.
  3. Quick urine test that can be done in 3~5 minutes for early pregnancy diagnosis by detection of hCG concentration above 25 mIU/mL.
Please be interested in TriCheck.

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