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Proteometech in MEDLAB ME 2017


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Proteometech attended in MEDLAB ME 2017 in Dubai.
Spanning over six exhibition halls, the show accommodates more than 700 international exhibitors,
over 400 ground breaking medical laboratory products and services, 11 CME-accredited
conferences and welcomes over 30,000 laboratory and trade professionals.

ProteomeTech Inc. has several innovative IVD products.
All of Proteometech’s products,
Allergy-Q, ImmuneCheck IgG and TriCheck, are world-first products and are being reputed a
great success in Korea and the exporting countries.?
PROTIA Allergy-Q is allergy diagnostic kit
detecting up to over 60 allergens in a single test, ImmuneCheck IgG is
quantitative rapid
immunoassay kit for measuring total human IgG
concentration in whole blood or serum
TriCheck is pregnancy test that overcome false negative at high concentration of hCG and hCG

PROTIA Allergy-Q
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It is an in vitro diagnostic test for use in the quantitative determination of allergen-specific
?IgE & Total IgE concentrations in human serum or plasma, using immunoblotting


? Multiple, quantitative detection of allergen-specific IgE in human serum or plasma

? 44 or 60 allergen tests in a plate???????? ? Small sample volume: 50

? Run time for a test: pprox.. 2.5 hours??? ? Internal calibration lines improving accuracy

? Output of the results: IU/ml, Class(0~6)?? ? CE Certification

? Clear and informative report format


ImmuneCheck IgG

?Immuno-chromatographic assay for the semi-quantitative detection
of human-immunoglobulin G

? WORLD FIRST quantitative rapid test for human Immunoglobulin G

? Usage: Immune Health check up ???? Sample type: Whole blood, Plasma or Serum

? Small Sample Volume: 2~5 uL?????? ? Quick Assay Time: 20 min?? ? CE Certification



Novel pregnancy test free of False-Negative result caused

by high con. Of hCG and hCGβcf


? hCG test using urine for the diagnosis of pregnancy (Midstream type)

? hCG test using serum or plasma for the diagnosis of pregnancy (Cassette type)

? Q-Rapid AD technology with two different assay (Sandwich and Competition Immunoassay) on a
single test

? There is no prozone false negative by the presence of the Confirmation window

No hook effect Failure, No Prozone False Negative




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