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Developing an Allergy Diagnosis Kit with the World’s First New Technology


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Developing an Allergy Diagnosis Kit with the World’s First New Technology
October 19, 2016 by digitalbuyersguide

ProteomeTech was founded based on proteomics technology on the campus of Yonsei University as an R&Dspecialized venture startup in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and bio sector in 2000. The company aims to contribute to human welfare and health through disease forecast, early diagnosis, and the development of new medicines after identifying target protein directly related to diseases.

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Protia Allergy-Q is an allergy diagnosis kit. Many studies on antibody responses to allergens were conducted to diagnose allergies. Existing allergy diagnostic reagents can investigate 20 to 30 allergens with one strip. Therefore, two strips are used to examine 40 or more materials for allergens. But ProteomeTech developed a reagent that can examine more than 60 materials with one strip. PLA(Parallel Lines Array) technology introduced a parallelarray method by veering away from the current single line-type method as the world’s fi rst concept. The company secured the original technology by applying for domestic and international patents. In addition, by discovering materials that often cause allergies in Korea and loading allergy diagnosis kits with them, ProteomeTech developed Protia Allergy-Q and an automation device that can check for allergies. Industry experts say that the innovative product can slash test time and costs by loading line-type multi-test strips with the most allergens in the world and elevated effi ciency by increasing the number of samples per clinical test.

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201610e-_page_60_15Moreover, the product requires only a small amount (50ul) of serum compared to other similar products. This is good news for parents of babies and young children who cannot give much blood for tests. This product based on technology with a wide array of strengths is well received at overseas exhibition centers in the USA and Europe. In 2015, Protia Allergy-Q took home the Jang Young-sil Prize from the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning, the most authoritative prize in the industrial technology sector of Korea. 201610e-_page_60_11 Making Steady Efforts to Develop Advanced Products 201610e-_page_60_07ProteomeTech has developed a bio marker needed for early diagnosis of intractable diseases and owns innovative material analysis technology. In 2010, Dr.Lim Kook-Jin who is the current CEO of ProteomeTech joined the company and began to make eff orts to accelerate the commercialization of the technology.

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Such eff orts paid off well. ProteomeTech has been developing, producing and exporting vitro diagnostic medical devices such as allergy diagnostic kits, immunological diagnostic kits and next-generation pregnancy test kits. An early cancer diagnostic kit is under development at ProteomeTech.

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ProteomeTech Inc.
B202, Yonsei Dairy Bldg., 50, Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)323-8343 Fax: (82-2)6442-8345
Developing an Allergy Diagnosis Kit with the World’s First New Technology

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