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  • Q-Reader is a portable small in vitro diagnostic device that derives the quantitative value of the Rapid Diagnostic Kit based on a smartphone


  • Using the principle of quantitatively checking the degree of color development by analyzing the image obtained by photographing the color development line that appears after applying the sample to the immunoassay strip product
  • Specification
    • A portable lateral flow immunoassay device based on a smartphone
    • Q-Reader is a device that quantitatively analyzes the degree of color development by photographing color lines that appear by applying samples to our manufactured immunoassay strip products
    • It is possible to derive results through quantitative analysis as well as qualitative analysis in which results are derived in a positive, negative, and non-measurable manner
    • Can be used in both laboratory and in the field
    • Results are stored on the device and can be uploaded to the secure CLOUD server
    • Results can be printed in the form of e-mail or PDF files, and can be printed on a printer using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
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    • Product name: Q-Reader