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[PROTEOMETECH] Proteometech in CMEF Spring 2018


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ProteomeTech attended in CMEF Spring 2018(The 79th China International Medical Equipment Fair).
The show is being held at National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai.
China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF), launched in 1979, is held annually- spring and autumn. After over 38 years of continuous innovation and self-improvement, CMEF has become the largest fair of medical devices, related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region.
At each fair, almost 4,200 medical device manufacturers from over 28 countries, and about 120,000 visitors and buyers who are government procurement agencies, hospital buyers and dealers from over 100 counties and regions gather in CMEF for trading and exchanges.
ProteomeTech Inc. has several innovative IVD products. All of Proteometech’s products, Allergy-Q, ImmuneCheck IgG and TriCheck, are world-first products and are being reputed a great success in Korea and the exporting countries.? PROTIA Allergy-Q is allergy diagnostic kit detecting up to over 60 allergens in a single test, ImmuneCheck IgG is quantitative rapid immunoassay kit for measuring total human IgG concentration in whole blood or serum and TriCheck is pregnancy test that overcome false negative at high concentration of hCG and hCGβcf.
1.PROTIA Allergy-Q (Multiple allergen simultaneous test) -Model:
  • PROTIA Allergy-Q Inhalant panel/Food panel/Atopy panel
  • PROTIA Allergy-Q 64 Food panel/Inhalant panel
  • PROTIA Allergy-Q 96M panel
  • PROTIA Allergy-Q 10A panel
[PROTIA Allergy-Q]
  • Multiplex, semi-quantitative detection of allergen-specific IgE in human serum or plasma
    ? 44 or 60 allergens test in a single panel
    ? Small sample volume: 50 μL or 100μL (Allergy-Q96M)
    ? Time for a test run: approx. 2.5 hours
    ? Internal calibration lines
    ? Concordance with ImmunoCap: 96%
    ? ISO13485, CE certificate
    ? associated immunoblot devices: Q-Scan(manual), Q-Station(all automation)
-PLA(Paralle Lines Array) Technology
Put more marker lines in a smaller chip by parallel line array - biochip-assays more efficient & convenient - Applicable to many kinds of biochip products using line-type blotting
2.ImmuneCheck IgG (IgG quantitative POCT)
-Model: ImmuneCheck IgG (20tests/kit) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ImmuneCheck IgG_Lab (1test/kit)
[ImmuneCheck IgG]
  • Quantitative Rapid test of total IgG for general immunity check-up
    ? Sample type: Whole blood, Plasma or Serum
    ? Sample Volume: 2~5 uL
    ? Assay Time: 20 min
    ? Good agreement with a Standard Method (Roche Cobas Integra 800)
    ? Detecting human IgG level 0.12~4000mg/dL
    ? CE, ISO13485 certificate
? ???
3.TriCheck(The world's first pregnancy Test Kit free of hook effect)
-Model: TriCheck (1test/kit) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?TriCheck-C (25test/kit)
[TriCheck] 1. Reliable pregnancy test that overcomes the false negative misinterpretation due to high
?? concentration of hCG & hCGβcf.
2.Pregnancy test with enhanced precision with an additional test line.
3.Quick urine test that can be done in 3~5 minutes for early pregnancy diagnosis by detection of
? ? hCG concentration above 25 mIU/mL.

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